Barco Coronis 3MP LED (MDCG-3221) Diagnostic Display

The industry-leading, 3 MegaPixel, LED grayscale radiology display system with perfect image quality, optimum diagnostic precision and exceptional workflow efficiency. Ideal for high-resolution PACS imaging, CT, MRI, chest radiology and angiography.

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Barco Coronis 3MP LED (MDCG-3221):

An industry-leading, 3 MegaPixel grayscale radiology display system providing optimum diagnostic precision and workflow efficiency ideal for high-resolution PACS imaging, CT, MRI, chest radiology and angiography among other specialties. Designed specifically for the unique characteristics of LED back-lit medical displays the MDCG-3221 offers perfect image quality every time.


  • Grayscale technology perfected with 50 additional shades of gray
  • 2048 x 1536 resolution
  • High-bright LED back-lights ensure more grayscales
  • Power-efficient LED back-lights reduce overall operational and maintenance costs
  • PPU-LED for uniform images across the entire screen
  • Intelligent Multi-Sensor Technology system for consistent image quality
  • DICOM compliance under all lighting conditions
  • Web-based service for transparent calibration and QA
  • Intuitive, ergonomic design