Barco 24″ MDSC-2224 Surgical Display

24″, full HD, colour surgical display purpose built for the operating room; Offering high brightness, high contrast, high resolution, superior depth perception and lag-free transmission for accurate, realistic images and best hand-eye coordination.

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Barco MDSC-2224

A 24 inch, full HD, near-patient surgical display with LED backlights, wide colour gamut and highly-detailed images. Purpose built for the operating room and with high brightness, high contrast and high resolution, the MDSC-2224 offers surgeons accurate, realistic images and superior depth perception as well as faster, lag-free transmission of surgical images for best hand-eye coordination.

Key Features:

  • Full HD resolution
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Works with Nexxis for video-over-IP integration
  • Motion adaptive de-interlacing and noise reduction algorithms for sharper, detailed and noise-free images
  • Offers highest flexibility for multi-modality imaging (PiP & PaP)
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Calibrated for perfect colour and grayscale reproduction (ITU 709 and DICOM standards)
  • Lightweight for easy mounting on spring arms