Barco Eonis 24″ MDRC-2224 WP Dental Display

A White, 24 inch, fully sealed, fully cleanable dental display; Fast, effective and easy-to-use, it provides consistent, crisp, high-contrast dental images every time.

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Eonis 24″ (MDRC-2224 WP)

Barco’s 24 inch, fully sealed, fully cleanable dental display with unique front sensor and remote QA management tools for a fast and easy-to-use display that provides consistent, crisp, high-contrast dental images.

Key Features:

  • Stylish white, 24 inch display
  • IPS panel for wide viewing angle
  • Fully sealed and very easily cleaned
  • Guaranteed image consistency due to a unique front sensor that automatically aligns image quality
  • Online MediCal QAWeb service
  • Toughened, scratch-proof front glass
  • Medical-grade certifications
  • Flexible VESA mount for easy arm, wall or cart mounting
  • Screen positioning in both landscape and portrait orientation
  • Multiple inputs (HDMI, USB, etc.)