Kenex Height Adjustable Over Table Shield Model 326/05

A flexible, height adjustable mobile shield offering full body protection without impeding procedures and with no installation required.

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Kenex height adjustable over table shield

A mobile shield combining the best attributes of both overhead-suspended shields and table mounted shields within one unit, offering a dramatic reduction in radiation exposure to the whole body and providing an extensive safety zone within which the practitioner can work. With no installation required, the Kenex Model 326/05 is an efficient and easy to use method of radiation protection that extends both across the table and over the patient, providing full body protection without impeding procedures.

Key Features:

  • The wide shadow cast by the shield provides protection to both the primary practitioner and assisting personnel
  • A counterbalanced lead acrylic window can be positioned over the patient and height adjusted to suit the table
  • The 50 x 116cm window is supported at one end by a stand, and shaped to allow for below table movements of C-arm mounted x-ray tubes
  • 80cm high flexible lead curtains, width adjustable from 45 to 80cm
  • Lead equivalent: 0.5mm throughout