Lysholm X-ray grids

Premium X-Ray grids designed to suit any type of X-Ray equipment. Enquire now for a product with your required grid specifications.


Lysholm X-ray grids:

Lysholm supply a wide range of X-ray grids designed to meet the needs of any type of X-Ray equipment and known for their premium quality and reliability. Lysholm have been developing grids since 1922 and consistently remain at the forefront of grid technology. Their extensive range of grids includes but is not limited to Focussed Grids, N30 GRids, N40 GRids and N70 Grids.

Key Features:

  • manufactured under proven quality control conditions
  • produced in compliance with and certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as an assurance of absolute product quality
  • All grids are also labeled with the CE-mark and are thoroughly tested before delivery

Electron Medical offer an extensive range of Lysholm X-ray Grids designed to meet any requirements. Please submit an enquiry or contact us with your required grid specifications.