The efficient and versatile high spec DR X-Ray room that provides fast and accurate digital DR imaging from any examination angle. The cost effective X-ray room that boosts productivity and improves health care delivery.

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The High spec DR X-Ray room that boosts productivity while remaining very cost effective. Efficient, versatile, simple to use and with an ergonomic design, the NRT Adora RAD provides fast and accurate digital DR imaging from any examination angle, creating the ideal X-ray solution to boost productivity, reduce back strain and discomfort to staff and improve health care delivery with quick patient throughput and increased patient comfort.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic and easy to operate, improving working environment for staff
  • Efficient exposure cycles and image management to speed up patient throughput, boost productivity and save time and money
  • Highly flexible; able to manage more applications with the most versatile DR system
  • Modular and configurable design to meet specific DR requirements
  • Utilizes a sophisticated and fully automatic system that is simple to use, providing fast and accurate DR imaging
  • User-friendly floating touch screen
  • Increases patient comfort and care
  • 340° rotation table for easy patient access
  • Versatile positioning of tube and detector