A state-of-the-art, hybrid X-ray room designed to provide optimum precision and reliability in radiostereometric analysis (RSA), and able to switch effortlessly between RSA and regular DR examinations to provide the most flexible system to meet any DR requirement.

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A state-of-the-art hybrid x-ray room developed to provide optimum precision and reliability in  radiostereometric analysis (RSA), the first system of it’s kind in the world to use fast, high quality DR imaging technology. Designed for the benefit of researchers, clinicians and patients, the Adora RSA was devised to make the RSA image acquisition process faster, more automated, easier to perform and the results more accurate and reliable. As the pioneering design for radiostereometric analysis, Adora RSA also boasts ultimate versatility, capable of switching between RSA and regular examinations at the touch of a button, and able to be seamlessly integrated into any Radiological Department.

Key Features:

  • Unique and pioneering design for the most reliable and precise radiostereometric analysis (RSA)
  • Improved workflow with more efficient examination cycles and image management, promoting higher patient throughput and significant cost savings
  • Ultimate flexibility – advanced RSA and standard DR radiography combined in one solution
  • Compatible with a wide range of options to enable endless configurations to suit any current or future DR requirements
  • User-friendly APR auto-positioning reduces manual handling
  • User-friendly floating touch screen
  • SmartHandle to prevent risk of staff back strain
  • 340° rotation table for easy access to patients
  • Versatile position of tube and detector