OR Technology Amadeo M mini

The unequaled portable solution with wireless detector for any remote, confined or inaccessible area!

Even lighter and more compact than it’s predecessor, the new Amadeo M Mini is the high performance, fully digital, portable all-round solution for ambulatory, emergency and inpatient care.

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OR Technology Amadeo M Mini:

Even lighter and more compact than its predecessor the Amadeo M, the Amadeo M Mini is OR Technology’s high performance, fully digital and wireless, yet extremely lightweight portable X-Ray system specifically designed for medical services in remote and inaccessible areas. 

The Amadeo M Mini combines all the necessary functions with elements of bionic architecture. It’s versatile functions, low overall weight and compact design ensure the Amadeo M mini can be used wherever patients cannot be transferred to a hospital. It is ideal in ambulances, field (container) hospitals, prisons, on ships, yachts and oil rigs and in disaster management or military emergency situations.

Key Features:

  • A medical x-ray system that harmoniously combines modern x-ray technology, functionality, portability and user-friendliness.
  • High performance digital x-ray with short exposure times. 
  • Includes all necessary components including wireless flat panel X-Ray detector, X-Ray generator and image processing work station. 
  • Extremely lightweight (only 68kg) and compact; it is easily pulled over steps and uneven terrain.
  • Wireless.
  • Uninterrupted workflow after brief power outage or relocation.
  • Swivels on the spot.
  • Suitable for all environments.
  • Reliable even under extreme climatic conditions such as high humidity or large temperature fluctuations. 
  • User friendly and with quick set-up.
  • Easy to clean. 

Ideal for use in:

  • ambulances,
  • hospitals as a mobile bedside X-ray system,
  • emergency departments,
  • ships, yachts and oil rigs,
  • disaster management and casualty treatment in container or tent based ambulances or rescue units,
  • prisons,
  • military emergency situations,
  • inaccessible areas,
  • laboratories and scientific stations.