Radcal 10X6-3CT Computed Tomography Dose Index and DWP or DLP Chamber

A versatile Ion Chamber designed as a Computed Tomography Dose Index (CTDI) as well as a DWP or DLP Chamber. Designed for but not restricted to the measurement of CT X-Ray beams.

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Radcal 10×6-3CT 

A versatile Ion Chamber designed as a Computed Tomography Dose Index (CTDI) but with the added ability to be used for Dose Width Product (DWP) or Dose Length Product (DLP) applications. The Radcal 10×6-3CT operates in conjunction with Radcal’s Accu-Gold+, Accu-Pro and Accu-Dose+ systems and is designed for the measurement of CT X-Ray beams.

Key Featuers:

  • Superior energy and partial volume response
  • Uniformity along the entire 10cm active length of the chamber
  • Ability to perform as a free-in-air chamber OR mounted in either a head or body imaging phantom
  • Able to be used for DWP and DLP applications including Dental X-ray measurements