Radcal 10X6-6 General Purpose In Beam Ion Chamber

A general purpose in beam ion chamber with broad dynamic range and numerous dose and rate applications. Also ideal for the measurement of exposure time when in Auto Dose mode.

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Radcal 10×6-6 Ion Chamber

A versatile in-beam ion chamber with numerous dose and rate applications ideal for general purpose use. The 10×6-6 operates in conjunction with Radcal’s Accu-Gold+, Accu-Pro and Accu-Dose+ systems and is designed as a General Purpose In Beam Ion Chamber with a broad dynamic range and added ability to measure exposure times of auto-dose modes.

Key Features:

  • Wide dynamic range suited to in-beam dose measurement
  • Suited to and extensive range of both dose and rate applications
  • Ability to perform exposure time measurement for auto dose mode