Radcal 10X6-60/60E Service and Image Intensifier Ion Chamber

A versatile service and image intensifier chamber hailed as a “Universal” detector. Suited to mammography, radiography and fluoroscopy and many other applications.

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Radcal 10×6-60/60E

A versatile service and image intensifier chamber with broad dynamic range, thin profile and heightened sensitivity at lower energies, making it a “Universal” detector. The Radcal 10×6-60/60E operates in conjunction with Radcal’s Accu-Gold+, Accu-Pro and Accu-Dose+ systems and is ideal for Input Dose at the Image Intensifier, High dose rates common to Fluoroscopy and Cine, spot film devices & various other special procedures.

Key Features:

  • Large dynamic range and thin profile
  • It’s extended chamber increases sensitivity at low energy levels allowing for universal dose rate detection
  • Suitable for mammography, radiography and fluoroscopy, and many other applications