Radcal DAP Meter VacuDAP

The progressive new Dose Area Product (DAP) Meter used for patient dose measurements. Based on Germany’s highly-rated VacuTec technology, it is unique in its ability to measure total dose to the patient site without interfering with routine operation.

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Radcal VacuDAP

Based on Germany’s VacuTec technology, the VacuDAP is the progressive new Dose Area Product (DAP) Meter that simultaneously measures air kerma, air kerma rate, DAP, DAP rate and irradiation time. The VacuDAP does not interfere with routine operation and has the capability to measure total dose to the patient site, ensuring minimum radiation risk.

Key Features:

  • VacuDAP communicates with the host PC or stand-alone display unit via a serial interface
  • Bluetooth versions also available