Radcal Diagnostic Nugget

A small, lightweight and durable wireless wifi module able to be used across Radcal’s entire Accu-Gold diagnostic product range.

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Radcal Diagnostic Nugget

Radcal’s small, lightweight and durable wireless wifi module used to support their current and future accu-gold range of diagnostic meters to provide a complete, wireless diagnostic measurement system.

Key Features:

  • User friendly “snap-on”attachment to the accu-gold+ digitizer  with no need for any other wifi infrastructure
  • Easy wifi connect with secure transmission
  • Compatible with all Accu-Gold family of meters (Accu-Gold, Rapid Gold, Accu-Dose+ and any future accu-gold products)
  • Supplies battery power to your accu-gold system
  • Rechargeable with universal charger

Test function capability of WiFi connection •