Radcal Diagnostic Rapid-Gold+

The cost effective, versatile and powerful multi-functional digitizer with accu-gold+ software, that does NOT use ion chambers. Ideal for all Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography and Dental X-ray measurements.

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Radcal Diagnostic Rapid-Gold+

Radcal’s latest innovation in the Accu-Gold+ X-ray measurement system that replaces the first generation Rapid-Gold, the Rapid-Gold+ is the economical, versatile and powerful multi-functional digitizer with accu-gold+ software that does not use ion chambers. The Rapid-Gold+ is ideal for all Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography and Dental measurements.

Key Features:

  • Two different Rapid-Gold+ models available (RGDM+MA/RGDM+), each catering to different measurement needs
  • Utilises the innovative Accu-Gold+ Technology
  • Compatible with any current or previous Accu-Gold Multisensors and Solid State Dose Sensors
    • Solid State Sensors used only for Diagnostic, Dental and Mammography X-ray measurement
  • Option to choose either mAs invasive or Non-invasive measurement