Radcal Leeds Test Object – Accessories – HVL Filters Mammo

HVL filter for testing the half value layer (HVL) of your X-ray system.

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Radcal HVL Filters Mammo

When combined with the TO HVL filter stand, the HVL filter allows testing of the half value layer (HVL) of your x-ray system.

Three sets available:

  1. General Radiography Set: 99.5% Al, 100x100mm, (2x 2.0mm, 3x 1.0mm, 3x 0.5mm and 2x 0.25mm)
  2. Standard Mammography Set: 99.5% Al, 100x100mm, (1x 0.2mm and 5x 0.1mm)
  3. High Purity Mammography Set: 99.9% Al, 100x100mm, (6x 0.1mm)

All filter sets supplied in a protective carry case