SonoScape S22

A fully-featured trolley based ultrasound with a focus on accuracy, precision and image quality. It is the versatile ultrasound most valuable during diagnoses and in the detection of abnormalities or small lesions.

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SonoScape S22

A fully-featured trolley based ultrasound offering optimised file management, an intuitive user interface and the new more powerful software platform for an easy-to-use ultrasound system that improves workflow while maintaining excellent image quality. Compact and mobile yet with improved accuracy, precision and image quality, and supplied together with numerous dedicated clinical tools, the S22 is a capable of adapting to an extensive range of applications but is particularly well suited to detecting abnormalities or small lesions.

Key Features: 
  • High definition resolution
  • Full range of transducers
  • Customizable menu
  • Slim and ultra-compact design
  • 18.5 inch flat LED Monitor
  • User-friendly interface for improved ergonomics and enhanced workflow
  • Phase Inversion Harmonic Imaging (PIH), Spatial Compound imaging (SCI) and μ-scan technology