SonoScape S30

A compact, simple and ease-to-use ultrasound that is simultaneously powerful and accurate with superb image quality and greater speed. Ideal for any examination requirements whether routine or unique.

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SonoScape S30
A powerful and versatile ultrasound system designed for simplicity and ease-of-use yet delivering excellent image quality, speed and precision for faster, more accurate diagnoses. With its intelligent patient file management, large (19 inch) LCD screen with articulating arm and fully height-adjustable control panel, S30 is the ergonomic and versatile ultrasound that allows viewing from any angle and enhances workflow. Featuring advanced technologies, the S30 offers the ability to capture excellent images whether in routine or difficult examinations.
Key Features:
  • 19 inch LCD widescreen with articulating arm
  • 10 inch interactive graphic Touch Screen
  • Extended PC keyboard
  • Four active transducer ports
  • Fully height-adjustable control panel
  • Hard disk 500GB/1TB
  • M-tuning
  • Innovative new THI filters
  • Second-generation u-Scan technology
  • Panoramic Imaging
  • C-Xlasto elastography