SonoScape S6V Veterinary

A universal, portable colour Doppler system with superior imaging performance, designed to meet a broad range of veterinary applications.

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Sonoscape S6V
A universal, portable colour Doppler system engineered to meet a wide variety of veterinary applications. Designed with user-definable, specialized examination modes for both small and large animals, this together with its professional vet software packages and complete range of professional transducers make the S6V the ultimate diverse tool for vets imaging even the most difficult and uncooperative animals.
Key Features:
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (TDI) to significantly improve image contrast and resolution
  • Spatial Compound Imaging for optimal contrast resolution, speckle reduction and border detection
  • Trapezoidal Imaging for an enlarged field of view
  • Applies diagnosis and measurements of Animal Reproduction, Cardiology, Abdomen, and Superficial organs
  • Includes over 50 types of vet body marks and a complete range of professional transducers
  • HCU colour system supports full imaging modes: 2D, Color Doppler, PW, CW, HPRF
  • Dedicated veterinary fully configured, software package
  •  Specially-designed suitcase for hand-held transportation