SonoScape S8

A feature-packed, portable colour Doppler system designed with superior features and image quality while packaged in a new, powerful, lightweight case making it suitable for use anywhere and at any time.

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SonoScape S8

The incredibly intelligent hand-carried ultrasound designed to offer the highest, state-of the art features while remaining compact and lightweight for easy mobility, allowing it to be used anytime and anywhere. High-performing, reliable and durable the S8 was designed to offer superior image quality, design, compactness and specialist features.

Key Features:

  • 15” LCD anti-glare screen
  • 2 universal transducer sockets
  • Multiple connection interfaces: DICOM 3.0, USB ports, VGA, S-video, and ECG port
  • Built-in, high capacity Li-ion battery for over one hour of continuous scanning
  • Complete imaging mode: 2D with THI, Color M, CFM, PDI, PW, HPRF, and CW
  • Full cardiovascular transducers: adult and pediatric TEE, phased array, pediatric phased array and high frequency linear array
  • Supports high density broadband transducers
  • Integrated with state-of-the-art technologies: u-scan, B-steer,
  • Multiple-beam processing, and 4D imaging
  • Comprehensive cardiovascular packages: Stress echo, TDI, Steer M, IMT, and Automatic flow volume analysis
  • Intuitive interface and full function control panel
  • Multi-specialty High Performance Imaging