SonoScape SSI-6000

A mid-range colour Doppler system yet with advanced technologies. The best value system for full-body imaging whether during routine or challenging tasks.

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SonoScape SSI-6000

SonoScape’s mid-range colour Doppler system offering best value in full-body imaging. With world leading 2D image quality and colour sensitivity, the SSI-6000 is the mid-range category with advanced technologies including Colour, Power and Spectral Doppler. SSI-6000 is the versatile ultrasound able to perform both routine and challenging tasks across a range of different clinical applications.

Key Features:

  • 17 inch LCD  widescreen with articulated arm
  • Three standard transducer ports for simultaneous connection
  • Intuitive control panel design
  • Full patient database solution: DICOM3.0, AVI/JPG, USB ports, HDD, DVD and PDF report
  • Convenient trolley system: front/rear handles, four-wheel-swivel with locking brakes
  • u-Scan technology, Multi-beam processing, Tissue HArmonic IMaging, Compound Imaging Technology, M-Tuning, Trapezoidal Imaging, Panoramic Imaging, TEI Index and Freehand and Real-time 3D