Universal Raymaster

A highly cost-effective yet versatile Chiropractic x-ray room with combined vertical wall stand and basic tube stand for a full range of radiographic capabilities from skull to lower extremities.

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Universal Raymaster

A highly economical Chiropractic x-ray room designed specifically to meet chiropractic radiographic needs. Ideal for the budget conscious Chiropractor, the Universal Raymaster offers only those features specific to Chiropractic use with the option to add additional features and customize the equipment only if desired. By successfully combining a VS100 vertical wall stand and basic 3307 tube stand the Universal Raymaster is an ideal, cost-effective solution to chiropractor specific radiography needs. Designed to combine economy and flexibility, the Universal Raymaster is suited to use in private, group or clinical applications and offers a full range of radiographic capabilities from skull to lower extremities.

Key Features:

  • Vertical wall stand (VS100 Wall Stand) with dual counterweight cables and vertical electric locks
  • Extensive vertical travel of 58.38in (148.28cm) allowing for a full range of upright radiographic studies from skull to lower extremities
  • Tube stand (3307 Tube Stand) with 10in (25.4cm) angulating tube arm and 6ft (182.88cm) longitudinal floor and ceiling rails allowing for 40in (100cm) and 72in (180cm) film distances
  • Mounts floor-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling
  • Tube stand electromagnetic locks for positive positioning of vertical and horizontal tube stand positions
  • 180° Tube Rotation
  • Convenient display gives indication of tube rotation
  • Tube stand maximum ceiling height: 108in (274cm)
  • Tube stand minimum ceiling height: 91.75in (233cm)

The Universal Raymaster can be customized to meet your unique requirements with additional options available on request.