Ziehm Vision FD

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Ziehm Vision FD


Hospitals and outpatient surgery centers around the world are challenged to increase cost efficiency and extend their capabilities to include demanding procedures such as anterior hip cases. The Ziehm Vision FD is the answer.

This innovative C-arm with a flat-panel detector has proven itself in the market for over a decade. While the Ziehm Vision FD CMOSline comes with a 20.5 cm x 20.5 cm CMOS detector, the C-arm is now also available with a 31 cm x 31 cm a-Si flat-panel. Designed for continuous use due to its innovative and liquid cooling system, the Ziehm Vision FD now features CMOSline, the latest technology for excellent image quality. In addition, finely tuned workflows and new software features help optimize patient outcomes and increase productivity further. And the enhanced SmartDose concept optimizes safety for surgeons, staff and patients.

Key Features:

  • Two flat panel detector options including a 20.5 by 20.5 cm CMOS detector, and alternatively a 31 by 31 cm aSi detector.
  • Large (87cm) C-Arm opening and 165° orbital movement for easier patient coverage.
  • Enhanced SmartDose concept optimises safety for surgeons, staff and patients.
  • Collision-free scanning around the OR table.
  • Pulsed 2.4 kW monoblock generator for high performance.
  • The advanced active liquid cooling system is designed for continuous use.
  • Wireless freedom.
  • Best in-class ergonomics.
  • Exceptional cost efficiency.