Ziehm Vision

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The proven imaging standard for surgery

As the basic technology platform for all mobile imaging systems in the Ziehm Vision family, this C-arm suits the broadest spectrum of surgical applications. Thanks to its liquid cooling system, the Ziehm Vision is designed for continuous use even during longer procedures. Packed with leading-edge functionality, the C-arm Ziehm Vision sets a standard in mobile imaging and ensures minimised dose levels.

Key Features:

  • Compact monoblock generator for crystal-clear images
  • Advanced Active Cooling to keep the generator at an optimum operating temperature
  • Intuitive workflows to ensure consistently high and predictable quality levels
  • Fewer cables to increase safety in the OR thanks to Wireless Freedom Concept
  • Concept for high image quality and minimized dose
  • Automatic optimization with advanced anatomical programs
  • Dedicated functions to significantly reduce exposure