DELWorks E-Series DR System

The DR workstation designed as a single console workflow with exceptional diagnostic imaging and advanced image enhancement capabilities for optimal examination procedures.

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DELWorks E-Series

A DR workstation offering exceptional diagnostic imaging and a user-friendly, single console workflow purpose-built to simplify every step of the examination process. The DELWorks E-Series boasts fast, powerful image acquisition, advanced image enhancement capabilities and hassle-free generator control options from a large format LED touch screen. Combined with the optional image stitching application the DELWorks E-Series becomes the perfect tool for effortless and accurate full spine studies.

Key Features:

  • Cesium-Iodide scintillators (CsI) for reduced patient dose
  • Both wireless and/or fixed detectors available
  • EasyConnect – Auto Exposure Detection (AED) Technology
  • Large 23″ widescreen, 2MP touch screen color LED monitor
  • Single console workflow and full generator integration
  • DICOM Connectivity (store, print, MPPS, MWL)
  • Optional Image Stitching application to prevent unnecessary pre-programming