Radcal Leeds Test Object – Dental – TO UNIDENT

A unique step-wedge designed to assess the entire imaging process of either conventional intra-oral film or digital dental x-ray systems. With steps that can be individually calculated, the TO UNIDENT offers a greater range of test capabilities with increased sensitivity to clinically significant changes.

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An innovative, easy to use step-wedge designed to routinely assess the entire imaging process of either conventional intra-oral film-screen or digital dental x-ray systems. Uniquely designed with steps that are individually calculated to simulate the extremes of intra-oral imaging, the TO UNIDENT is more sensitive than conventional step-wedges to clinically significant changes. It’s uniqueness also creates additional measurement capabilities including not only routine assessment of imaging performance but also its ability to determine optimal exposure times and allow direct comparisons between the diagnostic imaging capabilities of both film and digital modalities. The TO UNIDENT is therefore ideal for dentists moving from film to digital radiography.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with either film or digital systems
  • Steps are individually determined rather than following the conventional design of equal step thickness
  • Saves time and resources with it’s increased sensitivity only to changes which are clinically significant
  • Able to determine optimal exposure times for balancing image quality against dose
  • Able to highlight the effects of different display or image processing functions on the digital systems, assisting dentists in choosing which option best meets their specific imaging needs